Innovations for the population at the BoP The Bottom of the Pyramid actually means the bottom of the wealth pyramid or the bottom of the income pyramid is the largest, but poorest socio-economic group.

About US

Who We Are:

PAKOSWISS Technologies (pvt) LTD, is a social enterprise that aims at providing sustainable and innovative solutions for the improvement in the quality of life, of the bottom of pyramid population. It aspires to bringing the fruit of Swiss research and technologies to Pakistani masses through further research, development and localisation. The company invests in Research & Development and also in sustainable businesses solutions that my not have high Returns on Investment (ROI) in terms of money, but higher returns in terms of social benefits to society and environment.

PAKOSWISS is a limited liability company registered at the company registration office of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, with a universal corporate identification number 0082868. It was registered on 25 February 2013 and formally started its operation in February 2014.

Our Competencies:

    We have developed core competencies in the following area:
  • ◾ Safe Drinking Water Solutions (urban and rural contexts)
  • ◾ Sustainable Business Modelling and Scaling
  • ◾ Products Distribution and Monitoring (with smart tools)
  • ◾ Training Methods (for large scaled programs)
  • ◾ Energy Conservation (Improved cooking stove)
  • ◾ Water Desalination (for drinking water and irrigation)
  • ◾ Water Ponds Treatment

Biography of the CEO:

Mr. Saad Khan, a Swiss and Pakistani national, has a diversified professional background: an educator / trainer; a Swiss private banker; an innovator and humanitarian / development specialist. He has 10 years experience in humanitarian and development sector. He has worked closely as advisor with various national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations and UN bodies. His present focus is on the area of: sustainable business, safe drinking water; energy conservation; building back safer with vernacular and green construction methods; particularly for the benefit of the population at the base of the pyramid.




Fig.4 - Saad Khan and Sons