Innovations for the population at the BoP The Bottom of the Pyramid actually means the bottom of the wealth pyramid or the bottom of the income pyramid is the largest, but poorest socio-economic group.

Water Treatment Solutions for Rural Communities

Swisspak Water Filter and Safe Storage:

SwissPak Water Filter is a result of extensive R&D. This point-of-use water filter is specifically designed for rural households for treating turbid and biological contaminated water. It is based on modern filtration technologies of large filter plants that are simplified for use by rural household level. It is robust and has high output flow. It keeps water cool and fresh without using energy. It improves the filtration process and significantly prolongs the life of replaceable filter cartridges. It has provision for coagulating very turbid waters. This filter is powered by gravity flow and brings several innovations and improvements in the design and process of Home Water Treatment Systems. More than 8000 SwissPak filters are in use in the flood affected area of Pakistan. The M&E reports and user feedback are excellent.

Our Features:

    We have developed core competencies in the following area:
  • ◾ For Point-of-Use, 3lit/min filtration flow.
  • ◾ Portable, light weight, indigenous.
  • ◾ 1m high clearance of flood waters.
  • ◾ Simple chlorine dosing & dispelling.
  • ◾ Provision for pre-treating high turbidity and arsenic reduction.
  • ◾ 30 litres safe storage capacity.
  • ◾ Technologies: Silica sand Pre-filtration, chlorination, 1micron sediment and carbon filtration, aeration, passive-cooling and backwash.

University Accreditation:

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Institute of Environment Sciences and Engineering (IESE) has tested Swisspak Water filters with excellent results

Fig-1: Swiss Pak Filter
Fig-2: 8000 SwissPak filters were distributed in Sindh and Balochistan,
by UNHabitat, Muslim Hands and Heritage Foundation
Fig-3: SwissPak filter being tested by NUST faculty and students

SwissPak Water Treatment Filter Video:

An Innovative Household Water Treatment System

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